Kuvings NJE-3580U Masticating Slow Juicer, Silver


Product Description

Product Overview
The Kuvings Multi-Purpose Slow Juicer is the right choice for the health-conscious individuals who want greater variety in their daily juicing routine.
It employs a low speed masticating technology for minimal heat build-up and oxidation and provides juice that is richer in healthy enzymes and vitamins.

The improved auto-feeding design and extraction system make juicing any ingredients quick and convenient.
The powerful heavy-duty motor quickly juices fibrous fruits and leafy vegetables, crushes ice, grind coffee beans and spices, mince herbs and garlic, and extrude pasta.
It is simple to assemble and disassemble and clean-up is done in just minutes.
It comes with 7 different nozzles for food processing versatility and dust cover to help protect the juicer when not in use.

Special Features
Low Speed Masticating Technology
The 170 watt motor quietly operates at 80 rpm while quickly extracting the juice minimizing oxidation and preserving nutrients and enzymes from fruits and vegetables.
The juicer provides higher yield of juice with very dry pulp.

Heavy-duty Juicing Screw
The juicing screw is made with hygienic durable materials and it can easily extract juice from vegetables like carrots, beets, celery, leafy greens and wheat grass.
The single gear produces less form than traditional double gears.

Higher Nutritional Value
The efficient low-speed masticating technology presses and extracts juice instead of shredding like high speed juicers do.
The juicing screw masticates the fruits and vegetables, breaking down the cellular structure and releasing the nutrients and minerals.
This technology minimizes oxidation and preserves nutrients and healthy enzymes, producing a fresh all natural juice.

Multi-Purpose Function
The juicer includes 1 juicing nozzle and 6 different nozzles for food processing versatility.
It can juice, grind, crush, mince and extrude pasta using different nozzles.

Direction Control Power Switch
Forward switch pulls down the ingredients to extract and reverse switch pushes up the ingredient to prevent clogging.

Continuous Juicing System
The pulp ejection system automatically separates pulp from juice allowing continuous juicing up to 30 minutes.

Innovative User Friendly Design
The handle makes it convenient to use and move the juicer. With less part to clean, clean-up is quick and effortless.
Built-in cord organizer and dust cover make storing hassle free. The stylish design will look great on any kitchen counter.


here – Kuvings NJE-3580U Masticating Slow Juicer, Silver

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